Monday, September 28

Three Sisters / Alderfer Hike

I have been loving Colorado hiking this year.  You could hike everyday and never see all that there is to offer here.  I LOVE IT.  I have been trying to hit new trails every week, knowing that soon I will be stuck inside and COLD.

Here are a few snapshots of the 3 sisters hike in Evergreen. It is beautiful.  We parked at the second parking lot and did a toddler hike.  It is an easy flat loop from there and perfect for little legs.  There are tons of trails so I would recommend grabbing a map and picking a general trail.  It can get pretty confusing if you just start turning and climbing.  :)

These views.  Colorado is a stunning place full of adventure and opportunity to explore!  It's awesome.  If you want a more challenging hike, park at the first lot and take a trek.  There are a few hikes on that side that are more challenging but still fun and very pretty.

Here is a snapshot of the map.

Click on the link below for the official county webpage with trail maps, directions, and more info.

Wednesday, August 26

Baby #2

Baby #2 is due January 29th.  I have mixed feelings about being a mom of 2.  I am so excited to have 2 little minions running around, creating shenanigans and  making me laugh.  I am also terrified that I will never leave the house and that I will become a crazy lady trapped alone with 2 kids under 3.  :)

More than anything, I am excited for Arlo to experience the joy of a sibling.  I am hopeful that at the very least they will both learn the delicate art of sharing and loving at a young age. Of course I have daydreams of them being best friends and wanting to play together.  There are definitely things I hope for, but I value my siblings mostly for the lessons they taught me and the moments we shared as young children.  I remember sharing bikes, food, friends, and attention.  Siblings are truly a gift that we don't appreciate until we are much older!

Here I am at 16 weeks, definitely bigger than my last pregnancy!  This baby comes with morning sickness and fatigue that started early and has seemed to lessen already. Yay for second trimester bliss.

We find out if we are having a boy or a girl in a few weeks and I can't wait!

Monday, January 5

Happy New Year!

Happy 2015.  I love the beginning of a new year.  It feels fresh and exciting.  Clean slate.  Resolutions.  New year, new me.  Right?

My resolutions for this year are pretty simple.
-To spend more time as a family outdoors.
-To be a more attentive wife and mother
-To do something new in Denver every month

I love being outdoors and I want Arlo to grow up with the same experiences and enjoyment for nature as I did.  I also love the unplugged, distraction free environment it provides for family time.

I don't feel like a bad wife or mother, but we could all be a little more caring and attentive.  Am I right?  I want to read more books in my son's teepee, go to more sporting events with my husband, and listen and observe more.  Life is flying by, I want to soak it all in.  Unplug and enjoy my family.

You never know when you might move to a new location in this life.  I want to do everything there is to do in Denver before we leave.  If we decide to stay forever, I will just be even more prepared for visitors questions about what there is to do in Denver!

What are your resolutions?

Thursday, November 27

Custom Cake Orders

Now that my mini-me is a little older and taking great long naps, I have decided to start taking custom cake orders.  I have had a few orders already and have been enjoying baking again as a profession.

I love staying home with Arlo, but I do miss the constant array of sweets to choose from.  Breakfast was chocolate cake, cookies, and truffles for quite a few years.  Now I usually eat a granola bar or some yogurt and fruit.  Definitely not as exciting, but my pants are a lot easier to pull on...

Here are a few of the cakes I have done recently.  Everything is made from scratch.

I have worked out the kinks in my high altitude kitchen and have some great cake recipes to show for it.

The icing is my usual favorite: swiss buttercream.

This is a smash cake I did for a one year old birthday party a few months ago.

Chocolate Flourless Cake for the gluten free and chocolate loving.

Pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for Thanksgiving this year. Love me some cupcakes.
Go to my baking website for info on how to place an order!

Wednesday, June 18

Denver Zoo

We spent the day at the Denver Zoo today.  It was a beautiful day spent outdoors enjoying summer.

The zoo has a really cool new elephant exhibit.  

The whole area is Asian themed with a tuktuk and prayer flags.  It's pretty neat.

Can't wait to spend many more afternoons strolling the zoo making animal noises with Arlo this year.  My in-laws gave us a zoo membership for Easter this year so we can go anytime!

Arlo loves his new stroller!  Thanks for my parents for helping us get it for his birthday.  We LOVE it!

Monday, June 16

Married Life

Yesterday was our 3 year wedding anniversary.  We have had an awesome couple of years together!
  Life has gotten a little bit busier and a lot more fun!

Weddings are the best, right?  Beautiful dresses, lush flowers, and such happiness.

Waiting for the bride.  My grandfather who officiated the wedding and my handsome groom.

After 6 years of dating, we finally got married!  What a rush of emotion in this moment.


Let's do this!  What an awesome day.  Our whole family was there to celebrate with us and shower us in their excitement and love.

We didn't know we were moving away from Hawaii yet, but my husband found out he got a job on the mainland on our honeymoon.  This was the perfect "goodbye" to Hawaii.  It was a beautiful setting and the perfect day to marry my best friend.

I will go anywhere with this man by my side.  Looking forward to many more years together.

Sunday, June 15

Happy Father's Day

When my husband and I were days away from having a baby, he was nervous, unsure how to care for a baby, and a total newbie.  This is his second Father's Day and you would think he was made for fatherhood.

Riding on Dad's shoulders is one of Arlo's favorite things to do.

These two have so much fun together.

Can you feel their love for each other?  I love these photos because I think they speak for themselves and show their relationship so well.

Monday, June 9

Denver Chalk Art Festival 2014

I got the chance to visit the Denver Chalk Art Festival this year and it was awesome.  If you are interested in art and like to see different styles, this is a great event. 

Did I mention there were a lot of people??  Leave the stroller at home, bring your friends, and be prepared for crowds.

One of my favorites!

The artists were in the middle with all of the drawings. They were covered in chalk.

The festival was held in the hip and always happening Larimer Square.

Styles ranged from amateur sketches to full blown re-creations of popular paintings.
A fun, free festival in downtown Denver!  If you ever get the chance to visit a chalk art event, I would definitely recommend it! It was pretty amazing to see the possibilities with chalk.

Wednesday, June 4

Summer in Colorado

It's our first summer in Colorado and so far we are pretty smitten.

We like to go to the park and play in the grass and swing on the swings.

Walk around and discover things like sticks, pebbles, and dirt.

We love to play in baby pools and splash at our new water table.

We play hard and take breaks in the sun.

We are also enjoying all the art fairs and fun events downtown.  
Summer is here and we are soaking it all in.

Isn't it green and beautiful?  I want to enjoy the mountains while they are lush and green before the HOT summer turns it all brown.

The Denver Chalk Art Festival was last weekend.  Lots more pictures to come, what a great day to be outside.  It was sunny and hot and there were TONS of people.

Wednesday, May 28

Baseball Birthday Party Details

My little babe just turned 1 and we threw a baseball themed birthday party for him.  Here are a few of the details from the party.

 The food spread:   We made everything except the sandwiches, which we ordered from Sprouts. 

Little veggie cups with yummy hand cut veggie sticks and ranch in mini solo cups.  I dipped some pretzel sticks in white chocolate and rolled them in blue sprinkles for some added color and fun.

Watermelon, honeydew, and strawberry fruit skewers.

The birthday boys baseball cake and some lemon bars made from scratch.

Vanilla baseball cupcakes and hand made cupcake stands.  I made the cupcake stands with cardboard rounds that I glued together and covered in brown kraft paper.  Then I covered a few cans for the support between tiers.  They worked great and were free since I have boxes from the move still.  I also made a couple little cupcake flags for the toppers with black paper and a chalk marker.

I made the birthday banner with black card stock and a chalk paint marker.  Then we decorated with a bunch of the baseball pictures we took a few weeks ago.  They turned out really cute.

I dipped some oreos in white chocolate and added baseball stripes.  I also made some decadent fudgy chocolate brownies.  So good.  My mother in law brought the monster cookies on the bottom tier.  They were great.  We had a lot of sweets!

We got kettle corn and chips from Costco and my mother in law made her awesome pasta salad.
What an awesome party!  We had lots of fun planning and making decorations.
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